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21. Wine Fridge or Wine Cabinet?

The term ‘wine fridges’ and ‘wine cabinets’ often confuse people.


Just the names are confusing; is it a fridge or do we call it a wine cabinet instead?


In essence it doesn’t really matter what term we use. What we talking about is protecting your valued wine collection in a stable temperature controlled environment of around 14c with little or no vibration, UV protection, fresh air flow and high humidity.


What you do want to avoid is simple cheap “supposed” wine storage equipment that doesn’t properly address these essentials.  Just a simple matter of poor vibration control can ruin wine easily over an extended period of time


And what about Dual Zones, Multi Zones and all that talk of different temperatures?


Well, storing or cellaring wine in a wine fridge, whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else in Australia is all about single temperature – cool and around 14c.  Regardless of whether you’re storing Champagne, white wine or red wine, they all live happily at this temperature long term. You do not want to cellar your wine long term in a dual zone wine cabinet.


As for drinking it – different story.  We typically drink our whites too cold and reds too warm in Australia.  Take your whites out of the fridge 20 minutes or so before you drink them and pop reds into the fridge for 20 minutes and just taste the difference.  And when you’re next in a restaurant, ask them to not serve you white wine straight out of a fridge or the red from a rack at ‘room temperature’.  Good restaurants will know this and will probably have a specific serving wine cabinet anyway for all their different wines.


Well cellared wine in a wine cabinet is one of life’s pleasures and served at the right temperature in decent glassware is heaven.

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