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Difference between a frameless and framed glass door?

What makes EuroCave shelves so great?» At what temp do I set up my wine cabinet? » Shelving Configuration »

Setting up your wine cabinet

Why do I need to wait 48 hours before turning on my wine cabinet? » Setting up my Classic wine cabinet »
Where should you place a power point for your wine cabinet? »

Regular Maintenance

Changing Filter » Keeping My Cabinet Clean »


Types of Shelves » Adjustment of Slipping/Sticking Sliding Shelves »

LCD Display/Buttons

Blank LCD (*64/*56 models pre 2006) » Intermittent Flashing LED Lights » Reset Filter Icon (*83/*59/*92 models) » Test Button (*64/*56 models pre 2006) » No Power To A New Unit »


General Temperature Settings » Temperature Settings in a D283/183 » Humidity Icon/Alarms in D283/D183 » The Humidity Symbol (%) » Première Range Fault Displays » Excessive Condensation/Water » Placement of the Drip Tray »

Power/dB levels

Power Consumption/Heat Emission » dB levels »


How to Find Your Serial Number » Will my Wine be OK, if a Unit is Switched Off? » Leaving an Empty Cabinet Switched Off » Storing cabinet over long periods of time » Moving a Cabinet » Possible Sources of Noise from a EuroCave Wine Cabinet » Underfloor Heating / Radiators » Ventilation when building in a cabinet (except Compact 059) »


Vacuum pumps repeatedly » Bottle sizes »

Inoa Wine Cellar Conditioner

Read about all the technical details of the INOA » Cellar Conditioner - Temperature in Cellar » Regular Maintenance » Frequently Asked Questions »


Setting up a Humidor »