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1. Why Choose EuroCave

EuroCave AustraliaEuroCave. Superior Quality, Superior Protection, Superior Enjoyment.

EuroCave is the world leader in wine cabinets, and has been for over 35 years.  It is also the most trusted brand by the world’s most discerning sommeliers and connoisseurs, for many good reasons:

1.  The world’s first wine cabinet was invented by EuroCave in 1976 in France, and EuroCave has delivered world-leading quality and innovation since.  EuroCave is a company of wine experts and engineers, devoted to wine, obsessed with creating the most perfect conditions imaginable for your wine: slow and graceful maturation, safe and secure storage and ideal serving temperatures.  EuroCave wine cabinets are fully designed and manufactured in France.
Superior Passion & Expertise = Superior Performance

2.  More than 200 Million bottles of wine are entrusted to EuroCave by the world’s most discerning sommeliers and connoisseurs. EuroCave wine cabinets are used in more leading restaurants, hotels and wineries, and trusted by more wine professionals, than any other brand. Rest assured, when buying a EuroCave cabinet you will be in excellent company.
Proven Reliability = Your Absolute Peace of Mind

3.  Energy efficient and economical, Pure Range cabinets have an A+ energy rating.  The EuroCave Pure Range represents a new generation in wine cabinets and consume up to 67% less energy than traditional cabinets. Cutting edge technology is combined with a respect for the environment, EuroCave has adopted the principles of Sustainable Development.  Products are CFC free and wood is sourced from sustainable plantations.  Minimal power consumption is achieved through innovative technologies and unique insulation.
Superior Eco Consideration = Gentle on the environment and your wallet.

4.  EuroCave offers you the widest range of cabinet sizes, features and finishes on the market.  All EuroCave cabinets are fully customisable providing the perfect solution to your unique needs.  Our expert advice will ensure your complete satisfaction.  With superior design a key focus, all EuroCave products are not only dependable but are beautiful as well.
Superior Range = Perfect Solution for You

5.  EuroCave shelving is unique and a pleasure to use.  It is fully customizable, maximises bottle capacity and provides easy access to your wine.  Our specialist knowledge of wine has driven our unique and superior shelving design. Fully customized to your own personal collection and needs, it provides smooth, safe viewing and selection of your wine. EuroCave shelving safely accommodates more bottles than other brands, and is a luxurious pleasure to use.
Superior Shelving = Supreme Enjoyment, Protection & Maximum Capacity

6.  EuroCave cabinets are the most quiet and stable available.  Our Vibration Exclusion System ensures this.  With our state-of-the-art compressor mounted on anti-vibration silencing blocks, and built in shock absorption in our shelving and cabinet base, wine is protected from harmful vibration, and noise is eliminated.
Superior Anti-Vibration = Perfect Maturation & No Annoying Noise

7.  EuroCave delivers the most consistent internal temperatures on the market.  No other brand delivers the same precision temperature control.  Incorporating unique compressor innovation, superior thermal insulation, UV protection and ‘cold’ lighting. In multi temperature wine cabinets, this precision control ensures you serve and enjoy each varietal at its ideal drinking temperature, for the best possible drinking experience.
Superior Temperature Consistency = Supreme Protection & Enjoyment

8.  Only EuroCave has automatic humidity display and alarm system.  Corks are protected from dry air by our state-of the art ventilation and humidity control systems.  Superior quality stippled aluminum internal walls deliver optimum humidity.  Our filter and air ventilation systems ensure purified air is constantly circulated. Protect your wine from cork damage, leaking bottles and mould.
Superior Humidity Control = Protection & Peace of Mind

9.  EuroCave provides superior customer service.  Our team of local specialists provide customer service is second to none. With 2 and 5 year warranties standard on most products, your total satisfaction is guaranteed.
Superior Service = Your Total Satisfaction, Guaranteed

EuroCave. Superior Quality, Superior Protection, Superior Enjoyment.

1800 733 621

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