Best Protection

Delivers the ideal conditions for cellaring wine.

Wine needs to be stored in an environment with very specific conditions in order for it to mature gracefully and ensure maximum drinking enjoyment. EuroCave wine cabinets, fridges and cellar equipment deliver the five ideal storage conditions to protect your wine in the best way possible

EuroCave Ideal Wine Cellaring Conditions

  1. Consistent temperature of 12-140C – EuroCave wine cabinets and fridges guarantee a constant and more homogenous temperature conditions, delivered by: stippled aluminum walls, unique cooling technology, magnetic door seals and polyurethane foam insulation which provides insulation properties equivalent to 2.5m of earth or 4m of concrete. Cellar conditioners have both a cooling and heating function to automatically adapt the storage temperature to present any significant deviations. Temperature regulation in cellars is controlled by a wireless remote control placed close to your bottles.
  2. Hygrometry (moisture content) of 70-80%– Ideal moisture content conditions are maintained in wine cabinets and fridges by the stippled aluminum walls. This ensures that the environment is not too dry which can cause cork shrinkage and wine oxidation, or too humid causing damage to labels and the potential for moldy corks. Unlike standard conditioners, EuroCave cellar conditioners maintain a constant evaporation temperature above 00C minimizing the drying of the air.  That and the redistribution or evacuation of moistureensuresoptimal hygrometry levels.
  3. Protection against light and UV harmful to wine – the solid doors of wine cabinets are insulated and glass doors are double glazed then treated with anti-UV providing protection against external light and UV. Interior amber lighting is UV free.
  4. Protection against vibrations harmful to wine – Our wine cabinets and fridges are the most stable on the market with 6 times less vibrations than other brands. The compressor is mounted within the cabinet on ‘silent blocks’ and the evaporator is insulated to avoid vibrations that can be created by internal mechanics.  The weight and stability of the cabinets limits movement and shelves absorb vibrations.
  5. Appropriate ventilation and air flow – Natural ventilation gradually renews the air of the cellar. Activated carbon filter traps air impurities and bad odours before they enter the cabinet, ensuring air remains fresh.