Inspiration wine cabinets integrate seamlessly with no visible vent.

A clever design choice for those who love to entertain at home.

Inspiration with integrated door – coordinate with joinery whilst displaying bottles.

Integrate cabinets into kitchen joinery to keep wine within arm’s reach.

Inspiration wine cabinets integrated at eye level complement other appliances.

An integrated solid door conceals cabinet behind joinery.

Integrated Wine Cabinets & Fridges

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EuroCave integrated wine fridges and cabinets are designed to be integrated into joinery with a high level of sophistication. A unique ventilation system and slimmer dimensions ensure that these wine fridges can be fully integrated into standard or custom joinery. Select an option with no visible grid and a solid door coordinated with joinery to conceal your wine fridge within cabinetry and provide a totally streamlined look. Alternatively, our integrated wine cabinets and fridges are available with a full glass door to showcase your wine.

A range of sizes are available including under bench wine fridges, smaller units to be installed at eye level and taller models for larger wine collections. EuroCave integrated wine fridges combine advanced technology with understated, elegant design making them the perfect inclusion in your kitchen (keeping wine close at hand) or living spaces.

Inspiration Range

Seamless integration
with concealed vent.
$5,995 - $11,595

Compact Range

Slimmer to fit cabinetry.
Can be integrated.
$4,995 – $9,595

Tête à Tête

Petite cabinet stores wine
and preserves open bottles.

Including a wine cabinet or fridge in your kitchen or living space is a clever lifestyle choice, whether you want to have all your wine close at hand and ready to serve at its ideal drinking temperature, or a wine cellar to protect your wine collection over time. If space is limited, there are under-bench or under-counter wine fridges in our range that are ideal. EuroCave fully integrated wine fridges are designed specifically with this in mind and hence make them ideal when looking for a wine cabinet or fridge to fit into joinery. Our wine storage consultants would love to discuss your plans and help decide on the best option for you.

Selecting a wine cabinet can be overwhelming as the options are many and varied. Read our list of things you need to know BEFORE you purchase:

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