Wine Cabinets & Fridges

Protect your wine collection properly to ensure you get the most enjoyment from it for years to come.

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There is really no comparison between EuroCave and ‘mass market’ wine fridge brands. Designed and manufactured in France since 1976, EuroCave is dedicated to producing the highest quality, most technologically advanced, energy efficient and aesthetically beautiful wine cabinets and fridges

EuroCave invented the wine cabinet and has set the global benchmark for wine cabinets ever since. Made for the discerning wine enthusiast, EuroCave wine cabinets don’t have plastic interiors and have very different noise levels, technology, energy efficiency ratings, finishes and longevity to products often found in departments stores. Most importantly, it is common for customers to have their EuroCaves for 20+ years.

Integrated Wine Cabinets

Fully integrate to conceal behind
cabinetry for seamless design.
$2,995 – $11,595

Built-in Wine Cabinets

Built into standard or custom joinery
in the kitchen or living areas.
$2,995 – $31,995

Freestanding Wine Cabinets

Freestanding wine cabinets that can
be placed anywhere in the home.
$2,995 – $31,995

In more than 70 countries, over 350,000 wine enthusiasts have placed their trust in EuroCave, storing more than 100 million bottles in EuroCave cabinets. For further information, please take a couple of minutes to read independent Customer Reviews

Our wine storage cabinets are available in all major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, as well as regional areas.

Selecting a wine cabinet can be overwhelming as the options are many and varied. Read our list of things you need to know BEFORE you purchase:

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