ShowCave is the ultimate way to showcase your wine collection in any part of the home.

Incorporate wine storage into your kitchen.

Incorporate wine storage into living areas.

New Royale – Unprecedented precision in a wine cabinet

Customise shelving within the cabinet to suit your wine collection.

Revelation’s luxurious features include soft close shelves and amber lighting.

Create a feature in your home with ShowCave.

Build in cabinets under-bench in the kitchen or bar area.

Freestanding Wine Cabinets & Fridges

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EuroCave free standing wine cabinets and fridges are the ultimate way for you to display and protect your wine collection. We offer a wide range of freestanding wine fridges, whether you are looking for a practical solution to store your wine in ideal cellaring conditions, or if you wish to showcase your collection.

With 40 years of expertise in wine storage, EuroCave provides freestanding wine fridges that are technologically advanced and a beautiful addition to any home. They offer luxurious features and are made to exacting standards to ensure superior quality wine fridges that will last for decades. Unique shelving accommodates various bottle sizes and can be customised to suit your wine collection. Wine cabinets and fridges are gentle on the environment and very economical to run with many achieving an A+ energy efficient rating, consuming up to 67% less energy than traditional cabinets.

Revelation Range

Sophisticated design
with luxurious features.
$8,995 – $13,995

Pure Range

Our most popular range.
A+ energy rating.
$6,995 – $10,995

La Première Range

High quality, entry-level wine cabinet
$4,840 - $7,995


The ultimate protection.
Unprecedented precision.

ShowCave Range

Showcase wine bottles
in this statement piece.
$21,995 - $31,995

Champagne Cabinet Range

The ultimate in cellaring
and serving Champagne.
$8,795 - $18,995

Tête à Tête

Petite cabinet stores wine and
preserves open bottles.

EuroCave freestanding wine cabinets and fridges are wonderful way store your wine collection. The nature of a freestanding wine fridge means that you are able to move into whatever part of the home or venue you choose and simply connect to power. Position in front of a wall or select a model such as Royale which features a stylish back panel allowing it to sit in the middle of a space. Decide if you need a single zone, dual zone or multiple temperature wine fridge and select a model based on the features you desire.

Selecting a wine cabinet can be overwhelming as the options are many and varied. Read our list of things you need to know BEFORE you purchase:

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