Store wine at ideal drinking temperature and preserve open bottles.

Store, serve and preserve wine at ideal temperature anywhere.

Keep wine within arm’s reach ready to enjoy.

Wine Service & Preservation Equipment for Home

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EuroCave offers a range of systems designed for use at home that preserve opened bottles of wine for up to 10 days. Open and enjoy quality wines by the glass that you normally wouldn’t open in fear of it deteriorating over the short term. Perfect for the times that you’d like a glass or two, but you don’t want to drink the whole bottle, or if you enjoy a glass of red wine your partner prefers a white. Better still, these systems keep wine at ideal drinking temperature so that it is ready to serve and enjoy at a moment’s notice.

Tête à Tête

Petite cabinet preserves 2
open bottles and stores 10.

WineBar 2.0

Preserves 2 open bottles.
Can integrate into cabinetry.