Wine Service & Preservation Equipment

Avoid pouring half drunk bottles of wine down the sink with these preservation systems.
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EuroCave offers a variety of solutions for wine preservation and service for use either at home or in venues with a wine by the glass program. All of our systems allow you to keep wine at ideal drinking temperature, ready to enjoy whilst keeping opened bottles of wine preserved for up to 10 days – 3 weeks depending on the system.

The EuroCave Professionals Series is purpose designed for the Hospitality industry. Our equipment is not only effective in preserving wine but is easy to use and maintain. Select from a Vin au Verre wine dispenser or WineBar which allows wine to be served at the table. Perfect for restaurants, bars, hotels, wineries and wine merchants!

Wine Service & Preservation for Home

Preserve open bottles of wine at ideal
drinking temperature at home.
$795 – $2,995

Wine Service & Preservation for Hospitality

Professional Series purpose designed
for wine by the glass programs.
$2,195 – $13,595

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