Wine Expertise

More than just appliances, our focus is on the best way to protect your wine.

EuroCave invests significantly in Research & Development and much of the technology we use is patented. Our core commitment is to preserve the very nature of wine and our team of wine storage experts includes engineers and laboratory technicians as well as industry experts.

EuroCave invented the wine cabinet in 1976 and continues to invest more in wine storage research and development than any other brand with an integrated, dedicated R&D department including engineers and laboratory technicians.

Our products are designed and manufactured in France where wine perfection is a calling. We don’t make ovens, dishwashers or household fridges. We specialize in wine storage equipment to care for your wine. We work with expert sommeliers and wine storage experts who help us produce the very best wine maturing, storage and preservation equipment so you can enjoy drinking it at its very best.

We have a team of wine specialists with over 15 years of experience and who know our products intimately. We help wine enthusiasts, architects, designers, builders, developers and cooling specialists to determine a customised wine storage solution that will best protect their or their client’s wine.