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13. Why You Should Not Put Air Conditioners In Wine Cellars

EuroCave Wine Cellar Conditioner

Two of the most important conditions required to mature wine correctly are a consistently low temperature and high humidity.

Wine Needs a Consistently Low Temperature of 14 Degrees Celsius
We all know wine needs to be kept cool, but how cool does it need to be? Wine industry professionals recommend 12-14 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t really matter whether you go with 12 degrees, 13 degrees, or 14 degrees; the most important thing is that it stays at this cool temperature consistently.  A large fluctuation in temperature is most detrimental to wine.

An air conditioner is not designed to handle temperature this low, and it will
have trouble maintaining this low temperature consistently.

Wine Needs 65-75% Humidity
When it comes to humidity, anything above 50% is good but 65-75% is ideal. If the air is too humid, this could lead to label mould and if the air is too dry, this is where we really start to get into trouble. Low humidity in wine cellars dries out corks, and like a kitchen sponge that shrinks when it’s dry, corks will also shrink if there is not enough moisture in the air. When this happens, air enters the bottle and oxidizes the wine, turning it to vinegar – not a nice drop!

Traditional air conditioners do not manage humidity and actually remove
moisture from the air.

An INOA wine cellar conditioner takes care of temperature and assists in managing humidity using a patented neofresh cooling system designed to meet the requirements of wine cellar storage.

EuroCave INOA Wine Cellar Conditioners have been used in hundreds of wine cellars throughout Australia and are continuously specified by leading architects, designers, builders and air conditioning companies whenever a wine cellar is required.

If you are involved in creating a wine cellar, contact EuroCave on 1800 733 621 or info@eurocave.com.au for specialist advice, we’re happy to help.

EuroCave. Superior Quality, Superior Protection, Superior Enjoyment.

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