Learn why EuroCave is the world leader in wine cabinets.

Why Choose EuroCave

Superior Quality. Superior Protection. Superior Enjoyment. EuroCave has been the world leader in wine cabinets for over 38 years, here’s why…

EuroCave is a company of wine experts and engineers, obsessed with wine and devoted to the quest of creating the most superior conditions imaginable for your wine: slow and graceful maturation, safe and secure storage and perfect serving temperatures. EuroCave wine cabinets are designed and manufactured in France, where wine perfection is a calling.

Superior Passion and Expertise = Superior Performance

EuroCave wine cabinets are used in more leading hotels, fine Chateaus, top restaurants and wineries, and trusted by more wine professionals, than any other brand worldwide. In buying a EuroCave cabinet you will be in very good company. Rest assured, EuroCave cabinets will protect your wine more reliably and completely than any other.

Proven Reliability = Your Absolute Peace of Mind

Launched in 2014 the EuroCave Pure Range represent a new generation in wine cabinets. Combining cutting edge technology with a respect for our environment, EuroCave Pure consume up to 55% less energy than traditional cabinets. EuroCave subscribes to the principles of Sustainable Development across all our products. Our cabinets are CFC free. Our wood is sourced from sustainable plantations. We achieve minimal power consumption through our superior insulation and technologies.

Superior Eco Consideration = Gentle on the environment and your wallet.

It is fully customisable, maximises bottle capacity and provides easy access to your wine. Our understanding of wine and various bottle shapes and sizes has driven our superior shelving design. EuroCave shelves can be perfectly customised to your collection and particular needs to maximise capacity. Do not settle for heavy, clunky shelving that might damage your labels, or overloaded shelving that is too heavy to open safely. Demand EuroCave perfection and enjoy safe, smooth, effortless viewing and selection of your wine. EuroCave cabinets will safely and securely accommodate more bottles than comparable sized cabinets and are a pure pleasure to use.

Superior Shelving = Supreme Enjoyment, Protection and Maximum Capacity

Using the most technologically advanced compressors, the highest level of thermal insulation available in our walls (equivalent to almost 2 metres of earth), the best UV protection on our doors and ‘cold’ lighting (which doesn’t heat up your wine), you can be assured your EuroCave wine cabinet will deliver unmatched precision temperature control to protect your wine. With multi temperature wine cabinets, this precision temperature control also ensures you serve and enjoy each varietal at its correct drinking temperature, ensuring maximum enjoyment for you and your guests.

Superior Temperature Consistency = Supreme Protection and Enjoyment

Our Vibration Exclusion System ensures this. EuroCave’s state-of-the-art compressor is mounted on anti-vibration silencing blocks, and shock absorbers are built into our shelving and cabinet feet. Your wine is protected from harmful vibration, and you are protected from noise.

Superior Anti-Vibration = Perfect Maturation and No Annoying Noise

Your corks will be protected from dry air by EuroCave’s superior ventilation and precision humidity control systems. High quality stippled aluminum internal walls aid optimum humidity conditions. Our charcoal filter and ventilation systems ensure constant circulation of purified air. Do not risk dry corks (and leaking bottles as a result) or mould damage from cabinets with inadequate ventilation systems, or inferior materials such as plastic internal walls.

Superior Humidity Control = Protection and Peace of Mind

Our cabinets are beautiful and each is fully customisable providing the perfect solution to your unique needs, ensuring your total satisfaction. Our experts will happily assist in finding the right wine cabinet for you.

Superior Range = Perfect Solution for You

Our team of specialists are hand picked to provide you with expert advice. Here in Australia, EuroCave has been distributed and serviced proudly and exclusively through MacPhee’s for over 10 years. Don’t risk wasting your money, or ruining your wine with an unsuitable or inferior cabinet. The EuroCave wine cabinet 2 year warranty offers total protection for you and your wine. Extended warranty available. EuroCave guarantees your total satisfaction.

Superior Service = Your Total Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Since 1976 EuroCave has set the worldwide standard

The challenge laid down by the company’s founders was two-fold: to use technological expertise to create high-performance products specifically designed for storing wine and to create beautiful display cabinets to showcase your bottles. As a company and producer of high-end products, EuroCave has four goals:

  1. Ensuring accuracy to save you time.
  2. Respecting the culture of wine, the activities, the language.
  3. Enhancing the wine tasting experience.
  4. Promoting French wine and winemaking.

EuroCave in Figures

Present in more than 70 countries, EuroCave has been world leader of wine maturing cabinets for 38 years. At present, more than 200 employees are involved in the development of the company, whom consistently place importance on and are motivated by quality. 350,000 people worldwide place their trust in EuroCave, storing more than 100 million bottles in the EuroCave cabinets. A track record to be proud of…

Geographic Presence

EuroCave has a worldwide presence in more than 70 countries!

Who Is EuroCave Australia?

For over 12 years, MacPhee’s Pty Ltd has been the exclusive importer of EuroCave products for Australia and New Zealand. Specialising in premium wine storage since 2002, MacPhee’s has built an enviable reputation in the wine industry. Thousands of individual collectors and wine industry professionals have entrusted MacPhee’s with:

  1. Cellaring their wine collections in MacPhee’s state-of-the-art climate controlled facility,
  2. Designing and constructing the highest quality wine cellars for homes, offices, wine bars and restaurants,
  3. Supplying one of the largest selections of wine racks in Australia,
  4. Cellaring wine collections in world leading EuroCave Wine Cabinets.

MacPhee’s Background

In a wine bar in Rome on a cold night in January 2001, Craig and Tania MacPhee made a decision that lead to the launch of MacPhee’s Wine Cellarage in March 2002. Individual collectors, restaurants, wineries and other industry professionals entrust MacPhee’s with tens of thousands of cases in the climate controlled Offsite Storage facility which has since become the benchmark for wine storage in Australia. In December 2002, MacPhee’s Pty Ltd become the exclusive importer for EuroCave Wine Cabinets, Wine Cellar Conditioners and Wine Racking Systems for Australia and New Zealand.

Craig MacPhee Cellaring his first serious bottle of wine at fourteen years of age gives you an insight into Craig’s passion for wine. He spent 18 years in the financial services industry, his last role being CEO of Distribution for a major financial services organisation. Craig holds a Master of Business Administration (Executive) from the Australian Graduate School of Management (University of NSW and Sydney University). Craig just couldn’t bring himself to throw that first bottle away. It now lives happily in ‘The Rack’ along with many other treasured empties that clients have added over the years. Tania MacPhee grew up in the business and represents the third generation of her family in the wine industry.  Her parents were the exclusive Victorian and Tasmanian distributors for De Bortoli Wines for over 20 years and her grandparents owned and ran wine bars in inner Melbourne in the 1950’s. Receiving her first pay packet from a part-time job in a bottle shop during university studies, Tania invested this wisely and bought a bottle of Grange. Completing both a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Degree, graduating with Distinction, and a Diploma of Financial Planning, Tania worked as a Marketing Strategist for a consultancy firm in Collins Street, Melbourne. Today, Tania enjoys helping wine enthusiasts throughout Australia choose the best wine storage option for their wine collections.

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