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38. What is the best wine storage for your home?

A growing number of people are looking to include wine storage in their homes and the options can be a little overwhelming. Recently Tania MacPhee shared some insights regarding wine storage with the readers of The Adelaide Advertiser’s Sunday Mail and realestate.com.au.

The article prompts you to ask yourself some questions when determining whether a wine cellar, wine cabinet or wine wall is the best option for you. Ask yourself where in the home you want to locate the wine storage and what type of aesthetics appeal to you? How do you use your wine and is your collection is made up of bulk wine or special individual bottles?

Whilst this is a good starting point, really the best advice that we can offer is to seek out expert advice upfront. Our team has been involved in the design and construction of hundreds of wine spaces over 15 years. If you are planning to design or build a wine space we can help you create something that is not only beautiful but performs its role of protecting your wine properly.

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