Where should you place a power point for your wine cabinet?

By carly, December 11th, 2018

Where should you place a power point for your wine cabinet?  (PDF)

Setting up my Classic wine cabinet

By carly, December 11th, 2018

On unpacking you wine cabinet after delivery, check for any obvious exterior damage (dents, malformation, etc.).

Open the door and check that the inside of the appliance is complete and in good condition (walls, shelves, hinges, control panel, etc.).
In the event of a problem, contact your dealer.

Move your wine cabinet to your selected location. This location should not be a confined space.There should be space to allow air to flow around the cabinet. (not placed in a cupboard, etc.)

Never place your wine cabinet in a location liable to flooding.

Avoid splashing water onto the base of the appliance.

Install the drip tray (which you will find inside your cabinet’s “accessories” box) on the compressor support at the back of the cabinet, locating it under the small pipe protruding from the housing, the lower part of the tank being placed under this pipe.

Take the power lead (which you will find inside your cabinet’s “accessories” box) and connect it to the socket provided at the rear bottom left of the cabinet. Unwind the power supply lead so that it can be accessed and place the appliance leaving about 7 cm space between the wall and the back of your wine cabinet.

Place the power supply lead so that it is not in contact with any of the appliance’s components.

IMPORTANT – Wait 48 hours before switching on to allow the fluids contained in the internal circuits to settle.

Gently incline the wine cabinet backwards in order to adjust the front feet (screw adjustment) so that your wine cabinet stands perfectly level (we recommend using a regular spirit level).

Remove the protective items located inside your wine cabinet.

Install the carbon filter, which you will find inside your cabinet’s “accessories” box, by placing it in the air circulation hole located inside the cabinet on the top left hand side.

N.B.: when moving your wine cabinet, do not incline it more than 45°, and always toward side where the power lead is located.

Why do I need to wait 48 hours before turning on my wine cabinet?

By carly, December 11th, 2018

Virtually all refrigeration products are driven by a compressor (motor). This motor, compresses the coolant which is a gas, and releases it into the evaporator (cold pipe). It is this expansion of compressed gas that creates cold, following Boyle’s Law, Charles’s Law and Avogadro’s Principle which state that temperature is directly proportional to pressure and volume.

The compressor contains oil, just as your car engine does. As the cooling system is a loop linked to the compressor, when the unit is moved, particularly if it is tilted, the oil can ‘fall’ into the evaporator. If the compressor is run, whilst there is oil in the evaporator, this oil can cause problems/blockages within the evaporator.

All refrigeration products should be left to settle before switching on and the design of the evaporator dictates how long a unit should be left for. EuroCave evaporators are long and thin, running top to bottom within the rear wall, so plenty of time should be left for any oil to drain back into the compressor.