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14. ShowCave, for restaurants and bars showcasing their wines

Pure Wine Cabinet Pure Wine Cabinet Pure Wine Cabinet

ShowCave by EuroCave makes a strong statement in your restaurant, bar or hotel. Much more than just a wine cabinet, ShowCave creates a wine destination; attracting and encouraging guests to buy fine wines and enhancing their dining experience.


  • Showcases the venue’s finest wines.
  • Provides fast, safe access to wine.
  • State of the art shelving adapts to all bottle types and supports any bottle format. Shelves are easily customised to change from storage, to display, to presentation.
  • Precision temperature control ensures wine will be served at its ideal varietal serving temperature.
  • Guests will be impressed, as their wine is served in the most luxurious and impressive manner possible.
  • ShowCave is designed to fit perfectly in all environments. A clean classic design complements both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Several ShowCaves can be combined to create an impressive wine wall; a true destination and an inviting haven for wine. To learn more click here.

Australia’s best restaurants and hotels entrust their wine to EuroCave. Read testimonials.  Designed and manufactured in France, EuroCave is used by more wine professionals than any other brand, and is renowned for outstanding after sales service here in Australia.  EuroCave subscribes to the principles of Sustainable Development.  For expert advice please call 1800 733 621.

EuroCave. Superior Quality, Superior Protection, Superior Enjoyment.

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