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7. How to Build an Outstanding Wine Program, Profitably

Pour premium wines by the glass.  No Risk.  No waste.

Wine stock can be one of a restaurant’s largest expenses, so it is vital to maximise the return on this investment.  It’s easy to add expensive wines to your wine list, but selling them then becomes critical. Often expensive wines, offered only by the bottle, can be left sitting in the cellar un-purchased, or be opened, only to pour half the bottle down the sink.

Offering exceptional wines, poured by the glass, will improve your guests’ experience and attract a more discerning clientele willing to buy more expensive wines.  It will also build your venue’s reputation and drive business.

All wine starts to develop and then deteriorate as soon as the bottle is opened. The challenge is to sell all your glasses before deterioration begins.  Without preservation equipment, fine wine should usually be sold within 12-24 hours after opening, so is often discarded once it is past its peak.  This waste can be extremely costly.

On average, beverage sales deliver 40% of revenue. Increasing the profit margin on that 40% can have a significant effect on overall profit.  With the help of wine preservation & service equipment, it’s easier to achieve than you may think.

EuroCave Wine Service & Preservation equipment
allows you to serve opened wine by the glass

  • for up to 3 weeks
  • in the correct dosage
  • at the perfect drinking temperature.
Vin Au Verre (Wine By The Glass)

Improve stock management and inventory control with programmable dosage.  Pay for your unit quickly, with increased revenue per glass, and revenue per customer.

You can now add more top-end wines to your wine program, with no risk, and no waste, whilst enhancing the dining and degustation experience for your customers with perfect dosage and temperature.

EuroCave offers a range of products designed to suit a variety of needs:

Vin Au Verre (Wine By The Glass) EuroCave WineBar.
For more intimate venues. Allows you to serve wine by the glass at the table at perfect temperatures for fine dining service.
Vin Au Verre (Wine By The Glass) EuroCave Vin au Verre.
For high turn over wine service at larger restaurants, hotels and wine centres.

Designed and manufactured in France, EuroCave is used by more wine professionals than any other brand and is renowned for its outstanding after sales service, with local experts on hand within Australia.

To learn more about EuroCave Wine Service and preservation equipment, or find out about other great solutions in the EuroCave Professional Range – designed specifically for the hospitality industry; visit www.eurocave.com.au.  Or call 1800 733 621 to speak to one of our specialists.


EuroCave Professional

EuroCave. Superior Quality, Superior Protection, Superior Enjoyment.

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