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33. Hot tips for creating your dream kitchen

Kitchens have come a long way. No longer are they simply a functional space to work in, but they are often considered the “heart of the home” where much of our day to day living is done.

With the kitchen playing such an important role, it makes sense to plan this space carefully so that it optimises both functionality and aesthetics. Here are some luxury features that can make all the difference!

If you’re the type of person that likes 10 cups of tea a day, installing an instant boiling water tap in the kitchen can be a great idea. This not only eliminates the need for a kettle (reducing bench top clutter) but means that you have boiling water at the push of a button whether for a cuppa or a pot of pasta. Another big plus is that these taps often come with the option for filtered, chilled or even sparkling water. A simple safety switch ensures that little fingers are protected.

Of course, if you desire a more “café authentic” coffee, then including a coffee machine in your design could mean starting your day on a high as well as providing a convenient alternative to your local café (not to mention long term cost savings).

A steam oven is a terrific addition to your kitchen allowing you to make nutritious meals by eliminating the use of oils and fats from you cooking. Better still, its naturally a quicker way to cook so perfect for our busy lives.

If space is an issue, consider integrating appliances to provide a more cohesive look and the illusion of space. There are many alternatives to “full sized” appliances that can be incorporated into your design including fridge / freezer or dishwasher drawers.

For wine lovers, incorporating a wine cabinet or fridge in the kitchen is a great idea. Choose from a single temperature cabinet for longer term cellaring or a multiple temperature cabinet to keep all varietals at ideal drinking temperature, ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice. EuroCave has a range which can be fully integrated into joinery, there are various sizes including one which can be built in alongside other appliances at eye level

Finally, a very practical addition to your kitchen is a charging station. These can be neatly hidden inside a drawer so that you can recharge your phone or watch. Never again will you leave the house to discover that your phone or smart watch is out of battery.

To get the most out of your kitchen design, we recommend engaging an expert such smarterBATHROOMS+. They can help you define your priorities and determine what are the most important inclusions to ensure that you end up with your dream kitchen.

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