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31. 5 tips for caring for your EuroCave

5 ways to maximise the enjoyment of your EuroCave wine cabinet

Tip 1: Making the most out of the space you have

The shelving configuration in your wine cabinet can greatly impact how your wine cabinet is used. Opting for more sliding shelves will improve accessibility whereas adding a storage shelf can increase the capacity of the cabinet.

Find out more about shelves

Tip 2: Topping up your wine supplies

If your cabinet’s supply is running low and you are in need of some delicious wines, our MacPhee’s wine alerts will be just the ticket. We send out our wine alerts once a week and tailor our offerings to our clientele. Keep an eye out in your inbox or…

More info on current wine offers

Tip 3: Replacing the charcoal filter

The charcoal filter is essential in ensuring that your wine cabinet is free from strong smells and that the air is properly circulated thus protecting your collection. The filter needs to be replaced annually.

Click here to order a replacement filter

Tip 4: Cleaning your wine cabinet

Your EuroCave wine cabinet should be cleaned when your filter is replaced annually.

How to clean your wine cabinet

Tip 5: Choosing your ‘tools of the trade’

Now that you have your cabinet in order and some decent wine to drink, choosing the right tools for opening and serving your collection is the ultimate in wine enjoyment. We have a range of luxury accessories available.

Discover our range of wine accessories

We would love to help you to get the most out of your EuroCave wine cabinet

If you have any questions regarding your wine cabinet we are happy to help. Click here or call us on 1800 733 621 for expert advice. We’re happy to help.

Alternatively, you can visit the FAQ section of our website by clicking here

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