Wine by the glass dispenser

EuroCave’s NEW ‘Vin au Verre’ (wine by the glass) system allows you to offer your customers good quality wines by the glass that you normally wouldn’t open in fear of it deteriorating over the short term.

This innovative system means you can serve wine in precise dosages, at the right temperature, without wastage (and boosting profits) whilst beautifully showcasing your wine by the glass offering. Its clever design makes the unit easy to use with an intuitive touch screen control, ideally suited to bar and restaurant use, and lending itself well to tastings. You can even offer self service with a card. The Vin au Verre wine dispenser can sit free standing or be built in (flush fitted) to bar areas. Beautifully finished with stylish glass doors, this equipment is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

  • Display and serve from 8 open bottles, and store a further 6-8 bottles behind.
  • Serve wines at their ideal serving temperature with two separate compartments that can each accommodate either red or white wine.
  • Each tap pours a precise dosage for wine tasting or drinking (3 different dosage settings).
  • Preserve open bottles for up to 3 weeks eliminating wastage and boosting profits.
  • Ability to connect to cash register or be set up for self service with card.
  • Showcases wine list beautifully with lighting effects, and suspended bottles with no visible tube.
  • Efficient to use: pour wine in 6 seconds and change bottle in 10 seconds.
  • Glass holder allows several glasses to be served at the same time.
  • Quick and easy cleaning system for all 8 taps.
Vin au Vere 8.0 Wine Dispenser
Vin au Vere 8.0 Wine Dispenser EuroCaveVin au Vere Wine Dispenser with glass holder
EuroCaveVin au Vere Wine Dispenser changing bottles EuroCaveVin au Vere Wine Dispenser pouring wine

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Preservation: Preserves open bottles for up to 3 weeks using nitrogen gas
Dimensions: 735H x 1035W x 585D mm (adjustable feet)
Capacity: 8 open wine bottles (or 4 magnums) plus 6-8 spare wine bottles
Temperature: 2 individually controlled compartments with adjustable temperature
Temperature Range: 6-15°C for white wine and 9-18°C for red wine
Product Code: VV8.0
Pouring Mechanism: 3 dose options per tap
Cleaning: Cleaning system for all 8 taps simultaneously
Control: Touch electronic screen controls pour volume, lighting and temperature
Alert Messages: Visual alerts for empty bottle, cleaning and leakage warning
Doors: Two glass doors triple glazed
Lock: Safety lock with separate access for each user locked by code
Colours: External panels available in 5 different colours.
Lighting: Multicoloured LEDs for each compartment and taps
Outdoor Temp: 0-35°C
Cold Production: Cold air fanned by compressor
Inner Material: ABS
Exterior Coating: Steel
Insulation: Expanded polystyrene
Added Functionality: Connect to cash register / self service with card
From: $20,895 (Black)
Warranty: 2 years with proactive maintenance*
*In accordance with maintenance agreement.

Technical Details


Tutorial EuroCave VOV8.0 Change Bottle – Same wine bottle Tutorial EuroCave VOV8.0 Change Bottle – New wine bottle Tutorial EuroCave VOV8.0 Daily Cleaning
Tutorial EuroCave VOV8.0 Monthly Cleaning Tutorial EuroCave VOV8.0 Lighting Settings

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