A show piece with bold design, luxurious lighting and presentation shelving.

Showcase your wine list with ShowCave.

ShowCave is a stunning feature in any room of your home.

A show piece with bold design, luxurious lighting and presentation shelving.

Highlight those special bottles with ShowCave.

EuroCave Professional 9000 Series, ShowCave

More than just a wine cabinet, ShowCave makes an elegant and impressive statement that you take your wine seriously. It will enhance and highlight your finest wines. Combine several ShowCaves to create a beautiful, inviting haven for your wine collection.

With it’s combination of luxury, premium quality materials, ShowCave has given the wine cabinet a facelift: innovative and modern, it combines cutting edge technology and bold design.

ShowCave 9090V Wine Cabinet

Single Temperature
90 bottles

ShowCave 9180V Wine Cabinet

Single Temperature
180 bottles

Your bottles will be displayed effectively. LEDs positioned along the walls diffuse gentle amber lighting to skillfully showcase your bottles.

EuroCave state of the art, Main du Sommelier shelving supports any bottle format and can be easily customised and changed from storage, to display, to presentation. It also makes wine service a pleasure and provides fast, safe access to your wine.

Flush fitting with a shallow one bottle depth, ShowCave is designed to fit perfectly in all environments. A clean classic design complements both traditional and contemporary interiors.

ShowCave Features

Maximise Space

  • Each row of bottles is just one bottle deep, maximizing use of available space
  • Cabinet can be flush fitted, available in 1 or 2 door version.
  • Option of combining several cabinets

Optimum Bottle Display

  • State of the Art Main du Sommelier shelving which adapts to all bottle types
  • Fully customizable configuration
  • Capacity from 90 – 180 bottles

Temperature range to suit all requirements

  • Serving or Storage cabinet. Temperature can be adjusted from 6 – 18 degrees C

Bottles bathed in light

  • LED (UV free) lighting from top to bottom to showcase your bottles.

Superior Design and Materials

  • Full glass doors
  • Side walls in high gloss black toughened glass
  • Reflective back wall

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