Leading Sommeliers and Restaurateurs demand EuroCave.

Build in wine cabinets for a seamless look.

Highlight those special bottles with ShowCave.

Integrate cabinet into bar area for convenient service.

Create a visual feature whilst protecting your wine.

Luxurious lighting and presentation shelving highlight your wine list to clientele.

Under-bench cabinets for bar areas.

Display wine list elegantly with presentation shelves.

Wine Cabinets & Fridges for Hospitality

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Designed and manufactured in France in conjunction with some of the country’s top wine stewards (MOF), the Professional Series of wine cabinets from EuroCave encompasses the latest in EuroCave’s technology, greatest features, highest capacity and aesthetic appeal so that you can meet your customers’ requirements as efficiently and professionally as possible.


The ultimate statement. Showcase, protect and serve.

6000 Series

Exceptional quality. State of the art design. Serve, store and display.

5000 Series

Premium quality. Fits standard cabinetry and tight spaces. Serve, store and display.

Tête à Tête

Premium quality. Petite service and preservation cabinet. Serve, store and display.

Selecting a wine cabinet can be overwhelming as the options are many and varied. Read our list of things you need to know BEFORE you purchase:

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Selecting A Wine Cabinet

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