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EuroCave’s NEW ‘Royale’ wine cabinet offers unprecedented precision when it comes to cellaring wine. Essential for those who are serious about protecting their precious wine collection.

Royale wine cabinets offer the ultimate in performance and precision. Temperature within the cabinet is maintained at 12°C with a variance of no more than half a degree and in a world first, a patented hygrometry system ensures that the optimal humidity of 70% is maintained within the cabinet.


106 – 124 bottles
$25,995 (incl.12 shelves)

  • Precision single temperature wine cabinet set at 12°C (+/- 0.5°C) considered the ideal aging temperature.
  • Patented hygrometry regulation tank “Hygrocontrol System” ensures consistent optimal hygrometry rate of 70%.
  • Mitigated vibrations due to shock absorbing feet, unique internal structure and soft close shelves.
  • Aesthetic back panel for potential installation in the middle of the living room.
  • Dramatic display with LED lighting under each shelf with three levels of light intensity. Choose to have lights permanently on or off or only when opening door.
  • Premium “Mains du Sommeliers” accommodate all bottle types including oversized bottles protecting your labels from scratching.
  • Black tinted ash wood shelving facias with 6 removable bottle identifiers per shelf.
  • Full glass door with triple glazing and argon gas with 99% filtering power.
  • Controlled air quality with optimal air flow and new generation charcoal filter ensuring that the air inside the cabinet is cleaner than the room.
  • Choice of 2 cladding panel colours.
  • Handle integrated in the door profile.
  • Control panel with alarms for open door, sensor fault, temperature fault, hygrometry fault, hygrometry tank needs filling, charcoal filter replacement.
  • A numbered plate identifies your unique cabinet.

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