New generation cabinets that integrate with no visible vents.

Choose an integrated solid or glass door to blend with joinery.

New size complements other eye level appliances.

Unique shelving and amber lighting to highlight special bottles.

Inspiration Wine Cabinets

Wine Cabinets

Setting the standard for storing and serving wine in the kitchen.

These are the latest generation wine cabinets. EuroCave’s expertise and advanced technology is combined with understated, elegant design that integrates seamlessly into any kitchen. The cabinet’s unique ventilation system means that no visible ventilation grid is required providing a streamlined look. Available in four sizes with the option of a full glass, solid integrated or glass integrated door to blend harmoniously with joinery and other appliances.


17 bottles
$3,995 (incl. 2 shelves)


29 bottles
$4,995 (incl. 4 shelves)


59 bottles
$7,645 (incl. 9 shelves)


89 bottles
$8,995 (incl. 14 shelves)

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Selecting A Wine Cabinet

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