Freestanding & Built-in Wine Cabinets

EuroCave invented the wine cabinet over 40 years ago and since have been made in France. Our wine cabinets are technologically advanced, made to exacting standards to ensure we deliver the highest quality wine cabinets to protect our clients’ wine.

Our wine cabinets have unique shelving that is able to accommodate various bottle sizes and be customised to suit an individual’s wine collection. We offer a range of free standing wine cabinets as well as cabinets that are designed to fit into standard joinery. They are gentle on the environment and very economical to run with many achieving an A+ energy efficient rating, consuming up to 67% less energy than traditional cabinets.


The ultimate statement.
Showcase and protect wine.
$16,995 - $22,995

Revelation Range

The world’s best wine cabinet.
Luxurious features.
$6,595 – $9,895

Pure Range

Our most popular range.
A+ energy rating.
$4,995 – $7,725

Compact Range

Slimmer to fit cabinetry.
Can be integrated.
$3,995 – $6,695

Première Range

Entry level wine cabinet.
EuroCave quality.
$3,995 – $6,385

Tête à Tête

Petite cabinet stores and
preserves open bottles.

Selecting a wine cabinet can be overwhelming as the options are many and varied. Read our list of things you need to know BEFORE you purchase:

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Selecting A Wine Cabinet

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