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Read about all the technical details of the INOA

EuroCave Inoa Conditioners can transform any type of correctly insulated room into a functioning wine cellar. By continuously circulating cold air around the bottles it maintains the perfect cellar environment. The INOA heats as well as cools. The volume of the cellar must be more than 10m3

Cellar Conditioners are sold on a supply only basis.

1. Technical Specifications and detailed information

Cellar Conditioners – Technical Details

To be installed into a fully insulated room, material to have an insulation R coefficient greater than 2.66.

Cellar Conditioner

Heat loss is normally measured by the thermal transmittance or U value, usually expressed in W/m2K. In its most basic terms, the lower the U value, the greater the thermal insulation. We require U value less than 0.35.

The U value is the material’s thermal conductivity (for example 0.021 W/mk) divided by the thickness (100mm thickness = 0.1 for the calculation). The thermal conductivity is stated on the product page of an insulation manufacturer’s website and product information documents.

You can then convert any room into a real wine cellar.

You can achieve equal to or greater than the required insulation (as described on our information sheet) using a variety of insulation materials. The materials should be plastics based and water resistant. Mineral wool is not suitable. The insulation should be installed on top of a damp course membrane. Suitable insulation materials of an appropriate thickness include: high-density polystyrene, Celotex, Super-trioso, Kingspan, Xtra-therm or Cellecta Yelofoam. Other costs you may incur include timber, plasterboard, brick, various consumables and the cost of the contractor.

The EuroCave range of Cellar Conditioners enables you to regulate any space from 10m³ up to 50m³ (cubic metres) in size and so provide yourself with a cellar that will keep well over 1,000 bottles in an ideal climate controlled environment, reproducing a traditional underground cellar.

Discreet and quiet (when circulating fan is running). Louder noise is generated when actively cooling, though this remains one of the quietest products on the market of its type.

  • Constant temperature 10ºC – 14ºC
  • Constant humidity above 50%
  • Easy to use
  • Discreet and quiet

The quoted conditioning abilities of EuroCave Cellar conditioners are given on the basis of installation to a fully heat insulated area.

Technical Details

Inoa 25Inoa 50
Dimensions in mmW385 x D322 x H1250W385 x D322 x H1250
Power Supply230V / 50 Hz230V / 50 Hz
Sample Volumeup to 25 m3 *up to 50 m3 *
Cooling Capacity600 W1200 W
Weight KG43 Kg46 Kg
Electrical Power W550 W800 W
Heating Resistance650 W650 W
Start up.16 amps20 amps
Running.3.5 amps4.9 amps
Refrigerant (CFC)R134a (without CFCs)R134a (without CFCs)
External Temp-5°C to 35°C-5°C to 35°C

The Inoa generates 44dBA minimum to 65dBA maximum of noise measured at a distance of one metre.

* in a room perfectly insulated to our specification
The above details are based on an inside temperature of 12°C and outside temperature of above 25ºC

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