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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a conditioner myself?
Cellar conditioners need to be installed by professional contractors such as a builder.  An electrician will be required to either hard wire the unit or attach a plug so you can simply plug it in to a powerpoint.  EuroCave Australia is happy to discuss requirements with your contractor.

What is the most amount of space that I can place the conditioning unit in so that it performs optimally?
The INOA 25 Cellar Conditioner will climate control up to 25m3 cubic metres of space.  It’s ok if your space is small than this – the unit simply works more efficiently. The INOA 50 Cellar Conditioner will climate control up to 50m3 cubic metres. If your space is larger than this, you may need more than one unit.

What else do I need to do to the space that I am turning into a cellar to ensure the conditioner can work optimally?
Insulation is crucial to the operation of your cellar conditioner. We encourage you to contact us for expert advice.

Can EuroCave Australia offer assistance with other areas of building a wine cellar?
Yes, EuroCave Australia can offer you a complete solution for building a professional cellar that is both insulated and climate controlled from design through to construction.

Why would you recommend the EuroCave conditioners over others in the market?

5 Advantages of EuroCave Cellar Conditioners:

1. The quietest cellar conditioner on the market
Its system automatically adjusts speeds to ambient temperature conditions and, combined with the use of particularly quiet fans, allows the conditioner to operate very discreetly.

2. A single appliance, incomparably easy to install
As a single appliance, slot into a wall cavity using the supplied metallic mounting frame and simply plug into a power point.

3. Remote control temperature regulation system
Extreme temperatures and especially fluctuations in temperature will damage your wine.  Interestingly, it is not uncommon for homes or home cellars to vary in temperature by up to 10 degrees within a year. The INOA’s high performance temperature regulations system is therefore essential.

4. A naturally preserved level of humidity
Low air humidity can eventually dry out corks and result in bottle leakage. Conventional refrigeration and air conditioning is unsuitable for premium wine cellaring because it reduces humidity. Too much moisture on the other hand (often the case in some underground cellars) can spoil labels. The INOA’s unique patented technology keeps the relative level of humidity above 50% so the level of humidity is ideal.

5. Energy-saving technology
Insulation between the condenser and the evaporator minimises any exchange between the hot and cold sections of the appliance, which means the compressor is used less frequently thus favouring energy efficiency.

What do I do if something goes wrong with my unit?
EuroCave cellar conditioners are sold in over 80 countries worldwide and have an enviable reputation so firstly it’s unlikely you will have a problem.  If you do encounter a problem or require a service visit, simply call us directly on 1800 733 621 and we will assist. MacPhees is the official distributor for EuroCave in Australia and has the full technical support of EuroCave – the world leaders in wine preservation.

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