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At what temp do I set up my wine cabinet?

All wine is stored at the same temperature and a single temperature EuroCave model is the same temperature at the top and the bottom inside the unit.

There is up to a 2 degree tolerance either way in the thermostat. This is measuring the air temperature within the cabinet. Over a 1 hour period, for a 1 degree change in air temperature there is a 0.1 degree change in liquid temperature. This is because far more energy is required to change the temperature of liquid as opposed to air. The liquid temperature is remaining virtually constant.

We recommend setting the dial/settings on your cabinet at 14ºC. If set too cold, during warm humid weather, you may experience excessive condensation.

Fill the cabinet from the bottom up, evenly spreading the wine out across all the shelves. Do not leave the bottom half of the cabinet empty as you may see fluctuations on the temperature display even though the bottle temperature remains constant.

If your unit is located in an unheated garage or outhouse, if the ambient temperature is within 4 degrees of the set temperature, the unit will not do anything. You may think it is not working, but it should be fine. You will need to wait for the ambient to get hotter or colder to tell if the unit is functioning well, if you have concerns. Units with a glass door kept in a freezing environment may drop a few degrees internally and this will recover when the ambinet gets above 4-5°C.

If you have a concern, we will need to know the exact temperature displayed on your screen as well as the set temperature.

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