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WineArt, the world’s first home wine bar, is a unique wine preservation and serving system.

Manufactured by French company EuroCave, the world leaders in wine service and preservation, this award winning product (winner of the ‘Bettane & Desseauve Innovative Product Award 2015’) preserves opened wine for up to 10 days and keeps wine at ideal drinking temperature – perfect wine by the glass service at home and no waste!!

The effectiveness of WineArt has been scientifically proven by the Scientific Expertise Unit in Oenology ( CESEO ) of the Wine and Vine University Institute (Dijon, France).

WineArt allows every wine enthusiast to:

  • Keep wine at ideal serving temperature so it’s ready to drink.
  • Enjoy a glass or two of wine midweek when you don’t want to drink a whole bottle then keep the remainder for another night in this wine preservation system.
  • Open more than one variety at a time (eg. if you enjoy a full bodied red and your partner enjoys a light bodied white) and enjoy these over time.
  • Enjoy a ‘better bottle’ of wine over time that you wouldn’t have otherwise opened – at ideal serving temperature.
  • Keep wine at ideal serving temperature for dinner parties (ie. prevent whites being served too cold from the fridge or reds served at incorrect room temperature (too cold in winter or too warm in summer).
EuroCave WineArtEuroCave WineArtEuroCave WineArt
EuroCave WineArtEuroCave WineArtEuroCave WineArt
Dimensions:H 478mm x W 245mm x D 248mm
Max Capacity:2 Bottles
Colour/s:Black and silver
Warranty:Two years for parts and labour

WineArt is a unique and luxurious gift for those who enjoy good wine. It’s also the perfect accompaniment to a cellar or cabinet which is not conveniently located close to dining or entertaining spaces.

WineArt is perfect for households where one person enjoys a glass of red, but another person prefers white. No more arguing! It’s a delightfully simple solution. You can now open a great bottle of BOTH and enjoy a glass of your preferred drop, at your leisure, over the next 10 days, without any waste.

WineArt allows you to open and enjoy a top quality bottle any day of the week, and enjoy it over the next few days at your leisure (if it lasts that long….). People often open cheaper bottles mid-week, or when they are alone, so they don’t waste “good” bottles. This problem is now alleviated. You can treat yourself any time you’d like. Pure luxury! Now you can really enjoy your collection!

Superior Preservation Method Maintains Quality

WineArt is also ideal in bars or restaurants where counter space is limited. Offer discerning guests a top quality glass or two, displayed on the counter, ready for serving at the perfect drinking temperature. The current trend is for people to drink less, but to drink much higher quality. If a guest is only ordering one or two glasses with dinner, rather than a whole bottle, they are more inclined to make a high-end selection. With the WineArt preservation system, the first glass will taste as good as the last, up to 10 days later. You can increase your price per customer, eliminate expensive waste and enhance your guest’s drinking and degustation experience.

In wineries, the WineArt wine preservation system stores your premium cellar door offerings and displays them at their perfect serving temperature for tasting. This greatly increases the taste experience for those who truly appreciate nuances and quality. No more serving whites too cold from an ice bucket, or reds too warm from a heated room.

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