Clever Design

Cleverly designed, modern wine storage products that don’t just look good but are a pleasure to use.

Products so quiet you won’t even notice them, shelves that ensure easy access to bottles and avoid label scratching as well as control settings at the touch of a button all ensure that you’ll adore using EuroCave modern wine storage products.

EuroCave Modern Wine Storage

Here’s while you’ll love using your EuroCave…

  • Store more wine per square metre – EuroCave wine cabinets and fridges offer great value for money by maximising bottle capacity and storing more wine per square metre than any other brand on the market.
  • Products so quiet you won’t even notice them – The compressor in wine cabinets is mounted on ‘silent blocks’ and the evaporator insulated to reduce noise. Shelving is designed with ball bearing for silent handling. The unique design of EuroCave cellar conditioners guarantees a very low noise level, 8dBA lower than standard conditioners on the market. The conditioner is housed in 20mm of polyethylene foam which is completely sound proof, compressor and fans are fitted with silent blocks which absorb and residual vibrations.
  • Easy access to bottles – Wine cabinets and racking have more space between shelves to accommodate various bottle sizes and avoid label scratching. Choose between sliding, storage, display, tasting, Champagne or magnum shelves.
  • Control settings at the touch of a button – Touch screen display control panels in modern wine cabinets mean you can change setting at a touch of a button. Temperature regulation in cellars is controlled by a wireless remote control placed close to your bottles.
  • Energy efficient products with lower running costs – Our wine cabinets are gentle on the environment and many have an A+ energy efficiency rating, consuming 67% less energy than traditional cabinets.  Our cellar conditioners use patented technology to ensure that they’re energy efficient and components are designed to minimize energy required for optimal performance.