Products that Last

Superior quality products that will live with you for decades.

EuroCave is the home of the world’s best, most precise wine cabinets that will protect your wine for decades. Our cabinets are crafted to exacting standards using the highest quality components that provide strength and enhance performance.

EuroCave High Quality Wine Cabinets

Our products are designed and made with the highest quality components to ensure they deliver essential cellaring conditions. Cabinets and fridges have a steel frame preventing any risk of distortion (important as 200 bottles weigh around 270kg), stippled aluminum walls and polyurethane foam that ensures more homogenous conditions within the cabinet compared to many brands which use plastic components. The weight of our wine cabinets also ensures stability for the wine when door opens and closes. Glass doors are double glazed and argon filled then treated with anti-UV providing protection against external light and UV. Interior lighting in wine cabinets is UV free.

EuroCave products are crafted to exacting standards in France in a dedicated manufacturing facility with an integrated Research & Development department including engineers and laboratory technicians. Longevity of products is assured with history showing that some of our cabinets have lasted for 30+ years.