Sustainable Products

We subscribe to the principles of sustainable development.

EuroCave wine cabinets are energy efficient using up to 67% less power than traditional cabinets and ensuring lower running costs. Our manufacturing process is environmentally responsible and the longevity of our products means less impact on the environment in the long run.

EuroCave Energy Efficient Wine Cabinets A1

Our energy efficient wine cabinets are gentle on the environment (and your pockets) with many having an A+ energy efficiency rating, consuming 67% less energy than traditional cabinets. Our cellar conditioners use patented technology to ensure that they’re energy efficient. Settings of evaporation temperature, fan speeds and insulation between mechanical components of the conditioner all minimize energy required for optimal performance.

Our company instigates environmentally responsible manufacturing using low energy components, timber sourced from approved plantations and fluids selected respecting the ozone layer. Best of all, the quality of our products means that they will last for decades thereby reducing the load on the environment in the long run.