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Have you always wanted a wine cellar?

By carly, April 16th, 2020

Have you always wanted a wine cellar? Tania MacPhee recently shared some of her hot tips about things you should consider when designing a wine cellar with InsideOut magazine for their article “I’ve always wanted a wine cellar.”

Her advice is based on years of experience helping clients bring to life the wine space or cellar that they have always dreamed of.

Please click below to read the article or contact us if you’d like some help planning your cellar.

I always wanted a wine cellar article

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37. Thinking of adding a wine cellar? Here are some things you should consider now.

By Tania MacPhee, August 10th, 2018

Tania MacPhee, Managing Director of EuroCave Australia has been involved in the design and construction of hundreds of wine cellars over 15 years. She’s seen many cellars built without the proper insulation, equipment or technical knowledge needed to do the job properly. Lots of good wine has been ruined and money wasted this way.

It is critical to give due consideration to your cellar design and equipment early in the planning stage. Recently she shared her thoughts with Ray White customers.

Click here to read on and avoid costly reworking down the track!

EuroCave Modulotheque Luxurious Wine Racking

29. Wine Preservation Devices

By Tania MacPhee, October 11th, 2017

Ever wished that you could open a glass of your good wine knowing that it wouldn’t go to waste if you didn’t finish the bottle? Here, Patricia Mauder for Sydney Morning Herald reviewed two devices, including our WineArt, that can help you achieve just that.  Her verdict is that “the WineArt is simple to use, operational costs are negligible, and it keeps two bottles of any still wine at serving temperature”.

Article by: Patricia Mauder

24. Upmarket apartment buyers wooed with wine cellars and furnishing master classes

By Tania MacPhee, January 20th, 2017

The nature of apartment living is changing. Up until now, multi residential developers looking to attract high end buyers have been doing so with pools, gyms and other lifestyle focused amenities. But as buyers become more savvy, some developers are upping the stakes by including wine cellars in their design.

We recently worked with Orchard Piper to build a European-style, climate controlled wine cellar in their Mathoura Road project. In an article featured in the Financial Review, Luke McKie from Orchard Piper and other developers talk about why they have turned their attention to delivering luxurious wine spaces in their apartments. Click here to read the full article