EuroCave’s prestigious Modulotheque solid timber system has endless shelving and racking options, allowing you to build a luxurious and totally personalised unit. The many options to store your wine, glassware and accessories means you don’t even have to leave your stunning cellar to enjoy your wine.


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  • Made from solid French oak.
  • Build your unit with the basic module then personalise with a range of accessories to suit your wine collection.
  • Wide range of shelving options and storage solutions available.
  • System allows you to adjust height of shelves depending on your needs.
  • Basic module available in two widths.
  • Each basic module stores up to 99 bottles depending on accessories integrated.


Basic Module*

Frame with two sides and a top.
Dimensions (mm):
H587 x W584 x D584

Product Code: MV1
Unit Price: $440.00

Pedestal Module*

Base for Basic Module. Feet on one side.
Dimensions (mm):
H162 x W584 x D584

Product Code: MV2
Unit Price: $325.00

Upper Finish

Curved caps for top of unit.
Dimensions (mm):
H85 x W584 x D20

Product Code: MV3
Set of 2: $125.00


One pair needed for outer Pedestal Module.
Height adjustable.

Product Code: MV9
Set of 2: $155.00

* These items are also available in 40mm width and as corner pieces.


Bar Module

Glass holder, bench top & sliding board
Integrates into Basic Module.

Product Code: MV6
Unit Price: $375.00

Rack Module

Sliding tray for 2 wooden boxes, shelves & drawer
Integrates into Basic Module.

Product Code: MV8
Unit Price: $450.00

Cross Module

Diagonal dividers to stack wine Integrates into Basic Module.

Product Code: MV18
Unit Price: $225.00

Sliding Shelf

Roller mounted, 12 bottle holders Integrates into Basic Module.

Product Code: MVMS1
Unit Price: $155.00

Storage Shelf*

Fixed for stacking wine Integrates into Basic Module.

Product Code: MV101
Unit Price: $115.00

Horizontal Bottle

Displays 4 bottles or magnums on outside of Basic Module.

Product Code: MV5
Unit Price: $270.00

Display Shelf

Attach to outside of Basic Module
to display standing bottles.

Product Code: MV7
Set of 2: $120.00

* This item also available in 40mm width.

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