Service and Preservation

EuroCave offers a range of wine preservation and serving systems that allow you to open and enjoy your good quality wines by the glass that you might not normally open for fear of it deteriorating over time. The cabinets can be set to ideal drinking temperatures and open bottles can be stored and preserved for up to 10 days, ready to drink at your leisure.

These products are perfect for the times that you might like a glass or two of wine, but you don’t want to drink the whole bottle or for homes where one person enjoys a glass of red and the other would prefer a white. Without a wine preserver opened wine will oxidise and spoil, and your good wine will be wasted.

For 40 years, EuroCave has been the perfect choice for protecting your wine and these service and preservation systems mean that you can now relax and enjoy your wine collection to the fullest!

EuroCave Premiere Range


Preserves 2 open bottles at their ideal drinking temperature.

Price: $595

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EuroCave Premiere Range

Tete a Tete

Preserves 2 open bottles plus keeps 10 at their temperature.

Price: $1,895

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