EuroCave Revelation Range Wine Cabinets

Recognised throughout the world as the gold standard in wine cabinets, the new Revelation Wine Cabinet from EuroCave is just that… a Revelation.

Revelation Range cabinets incorporate all the outstanding features of Pure Range cabinets, including an outstanding energy efficiency rating, as well as deeper shelves to allow for the different sized bottles so commonly used in Australia. In addition to these shared premium features, the Revelation Range incorporates the most luxurious features available from EuroCave, listed below.


EuroCave Wine Fridge Revelation Range EuroCave Wine Fridge Revelation Range Large EuroCave Wine Fridge Revelation Range EuroCave Wine Fridge Revelation Range Large
Small Single Temp

Capacity: 74 – 92 bottles
Code: V-Revel-S
“A” energy rating
From $5,745 (incl. 2 shelves)

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Large Single Temp

Capacity: 182 – 234 bottles
Code: V-Revel-L
“A” energy rating
From $7,645 (incl. 6 shelves)

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Small Multi Temp

Capacity:74 bottles
Code: S-Revel-S
“A” energy rating
From: $6,595 (incl. 5 shelves)

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Large Multi Temp

Capacity: 182 bottles
Code: S-Revel-L
“A” energy rating
Price: $9,595 (incl. 14 shelves)

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Features exclusive to the Revelation Range:

  • New generation soft-close shelving ensures quiet, smooth handling, and minimal vibration to protect your wine.
  • Improved ‘Main du Sommelier’ supports for each individual bottle to cater to various bottle shapes.
  • Your choice of shelf facing – either gloss black or light oak.
  • The UV free lighting from the display and a strip on either side bathes the entire cabinet body in a halo of amber light to safely showcase your prized collection. Sophisticated. Beautiful.
  • An innovative new inventory labelling system using new steel name plates so you can easily find the bottle you are looking for. 6 steel labels for each shelf.
  • A full 5 year parts and labour warranty.

Other features, shared with the Pure Range:

  • “A” Energy Rating means you cabinet is gentle on the environment and economical to run.
  • The distance between the shelves has been increased to allow for over-sized 750ml bottles.
  • Beautiful new state-of-the-art glass door: double-glazed, argon gas-filled, low emission technical material, improved frame
  • Improved alarms and sleek control panel design
  • New, robust locking system
  • A choice of finishes to allow your cabinet to complement any interior
  • Sleek new removable handle
  • Can be built in to custom cabinetry, allowing for ventilation
  • Scratch Resistant, Impact Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Heat Resistant, Easy to Clean

All EuroCave wine cabinets are fully customisable ensuring your total satisfaction.

Revelation Range wine cabinets are a pleasure on every level, offering the true connoisseur wine storage in its highest and most luxurious form.

These are simply the world’s most luxurious and beautiful wine cabinets!


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