EuroCave Pure Range Wine Cabinets

Recently launched, the Pure Range represents a new generation of wine cabinets with an A+ energy efficiency rating*.  For those who appreciate the ultimate in quality and design. Featuring next generation EuroCave state of the art roller mounted shelving for supreme enjoyment and protection of your wine, as well as EuroCave world leading materials, technology and engineering.


EuroCave Wine Cabinet V083 EuroCave Wine Cabinet V183 EuroCave Wine Cabinet V283 EuroCave Wine Cabinet V083 EuroCave Wine Cabinet V183 EuroCave Wine Cabinet V283
PURE Small Single Temp
Capacity: 74-92 bottles
Code: V-Pure-S
‘A’ Energy Rating
From $4,995 (incl. 2 shelves)

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PURE Medium Single Temp
Capacity: 141-168 bottles
Code: V-Pure-M
‘A’ Energy Rating
From $5,555 (incl. 4 shelves)

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PURE Large Single Temp
Capacity: 182-234 bottles
Code: V-Pure-L
‘A’ Energy Rating
From $6,595 (incl. 6 shelves)

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PURE Small Multi Temp
Capacity: 74 bottles
Code: S-Pure-S
‘A’ Energy Rating
From $5,415 (incl. 5 shelves)

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PURE Medium Multi Temp
Capacity: 141 bottles
Code: S-Pure-M
‘A’ Energy Rating
From $6,395 (incl. 10 shelves)

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PURE Large Multi Temp
Capacity: 182 bottles
Code: S-Pure-L
‘A’ Energy Rating
From $7,725 (incl. 14 shelves)

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Combining cutting edge technology with a respect for our environment, EuroCave Pure are by far the most energy efficient and economical wine cabinets available. EuroCave Pure wine cabinets consume up to 55% less energy than traditional cabinets. Gentle on the environment and your wallet.

The distance between the shelves has been increased to allow for over-sized 750ml bottles, which are becoming increasingly popular with winemakers all over the world, and especially in Australia. No more label scraping.

A beautiful new double-glazed, argon gas-filled glass door and robust locking system are also offered in the Pure Range.  Other premium features in this exceptional range include a choice of finishes, beautiful door options, internal UV-free lighting, enhanced fan system for improved air flow, alarms and a sleek control panel design.

Pure Range wine cabinets can be fully tailored to your specific needs, providing the ultimate enjoyment of your wine, for you and your guests.

Scratch Resistant, Impact Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Heat Resistant, Easy to Clean.

Pure, EuroCave’s most popular wine cabinet range.

If you are after the world’s best wine cabinet, see the Revelation Range.

*’A+’ Energy Rating is with Black Piano Door option. Full Glass Door has an ‘A’ Energy Rating.

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