Exclusive Cabinets

These EuroCave cabinets do more that just display and protect your wine, they are beautiful, luxurious pieces for your home or business.

ShowCave makes an elegant and impressive statement that you take your wine seriously. Combining cutting edge technology and bold design, it will enhance and highlight your finest wines.

The range of Elite and Collection cabinets allows you to co-ordinate your wine cabinet with the rest of your decor whether you are seeking a contemporary look or something more traditional.

EuroCave cigar humidors provide outstanding cigar storage and preservation for cigar connoisseurs and means you can co-ordinate with your wine cabinet to present a beautiful, seamless wine room in your home.

EuroCave Premiere Range


The ultimate statement. Showcase, protect and serve wine.

View ShowCave

EuroCave Pure Range


Contemporary designs including a range of coloured panels.

View Collection

EuroCave Compact Range


Traditional designs made with a range of beautiful timber.

View Elite

EuroCave Furniture Range

Cigar Humidor

Cigar storage, preservation and display.

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