Seamlessly integrates into standard joinery.

Multiple temperature cabinets for the entertainer.

Under bench wine cabinets for your kitchen.

A stylish addition that integrates seamlessly into joinery.

Build into your kitchen with ease.

Compact Range

Our Compact Wine Cabinet Range for Your Kitchen

EuroCave’s slimmer Compact wine cabinets are more streamline, specifically designed to fit into kitchen cabinetry, a furniture piece for the dining room, or as an impressive and functional addition to a boardroom or office.

Popular with architects, interior designers and specifiers, these cabinets are perfect for those whose clients need a fully integrated wine storage solution. Specifically designed to fit under-bench, our smaller wine cabinets for kitchens can be built into any layout with ease – whether it be a brand new kitchen or a re-design. Please ask regarding lead times for models with a fully integrated door.


38-56 bottles
$3,995 (4 shelves)


118- 167 bottles
$6,495 (14 shelves)

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One of the main benefits of the EuroCave Compact Range is the fact that there are a number of door options available. Our fridges’ stylish, glass doors are perfect if you want to have your finest bottles on display. With sleek, timber-edged shelving, this option adds a touch of class to any room – whether it’s in the home or office.

Fridges with integrated doors

In addition to our glass doors, our Compact wine fridges for kitchens can also come with integrated doors. This option allows the doors to be hidden away into your cabinetry for a very sleek look. EuroCave is able to customise all models to suit your particular kitchen design, ensuring a seamless finish. Our wine cabinets with integrated doors are particularly suited to the modern kitchen.

Our Compact range of cabinets come in a number of different sizes, including smaller cabinets that house 38-56 bottles, and larger models designed to accommodate between 118 and 167 bottles.

Compact wine cabinets encompass all the superior technical, practical and aesthetic features customers have come to expect from EuroCave. Your cabinet can be fully tailored to your specific needs, providing the ultimate enjoyment of your wine, for you and your guests.

If you would like to see how our range of wine cabinets with integrated doors has been received across the country, please visit our testimonials page.

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