Service & Preservation

EuroCave’s Professional Series offers a range of service, display and preservation systems dedicated to the professional world, allowing you to serve and preserve wine by the glass whilst protecting your profits. Whether you want to serve wine at the bar or at the table, EuroCave has a solution.

Our systems mean you can offer your customers a selection of quality wines by the glass without the fear of unnecessary wastage. The cabinets can be set to ideal drinking temperatures and open bottles can be stored and preserved for up to 10 days in the WineBar or WineArt and 3 weeks in the Vin au Verre.

EuroCave’s serve and preserve systems are a result of our uncompromised commitment to offering solutions for hotels, restaurants, wine merchant and winemakers as well as their customers, making them the perfect choice for any venue.



WineBar 2.0

Serve by the glass. Pour at the table. Preserve 2 open bottles. All at ideal temperature.

View WineBar 2.0

WineBar 8.0

WineBar 8.0

Serve by the glass at the table. Preserve 8 open bottles plus keep 6 at ideal temperature.

View WineBar 8.0

Vin au Verre

Vin au Verre

Precise pour by the glass. Preserve 8 open bottles plus keep 8 at ideal temperature.

View Vin au Verre

EuroCave Tete a Tete

Tête a Tête

Muliti-temp – Serve by the glass at ideal temperature. Preserve 2 open bottles plus keep 10.

View Tête a Tête

Wine Art


Serve by the glass and preserve 2 open bottles at their ideal drinking temperature.

View WineArt

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