High-end multi-residential developments attracting buyers with wine storage

Multi-residential living is rising in popularity, its appeal undeniably driven the lifestyle that it can offer. No surprise then that developers are looking for ways to differentiate their property. After all, sellers want to attract the highest price possible and the best way to do this is to offer premium… View Page »

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EuroCave is thrilled to receive two Red Dot Design Awards!

Red Dot is one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions and recognition for exceptional quality design. The 2018 edition of the competition received over 6,300 objects from designers and manufacturers in 59 countries. The jury of experts, composed of around forty members, examined each product according to a strict… View Page »

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Hot tips for creating your dream kitchen

Kitchens have come a long way. No longer are they simply a functional space to work in, but they are often considered the “heart of the home” where much of our day to day living is done. With the kitchen playing such an important role, it makes sense to plan… View Page »

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Aberfeldie Cellar short listed in 2018 Australian Interior Design Awards.

We are thrilled that Aberfeldie Cellar has been short listed in the 2018 Australian Interior Design Awards. Congratulations to CoLAB Design Studio who designed this stunning private wine room. The wine wall consists of six EuroCave Revelation Wine Cabinets… the ultimate in quality, design and luxurious features. The client’s brief… View Page »

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5 tips for caring for your EuroCave

5 ways to maximise the enjoyment of your EuroCave wine cabinet Tip 1: Making the most out of the space you have The shelving configuration in your wine cabinet can greatly impact how your wine cabinet is used. Opting for more sliding shelves will improve accessibility whereas adding a storage… View Page »

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Champagne Lovers out there…take note!

Recently we had the pleasure of attending one of Tyson Stelzer’s events “Taste Champagne 2017”. This was a wonderful evening filled with loads of info on everything you ever wanted to know about Champagne, and of course of lots of tasting to help us along. We loved it and highly… View Page »

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Maximising profit through a quality wine by the glass offering.

Selling wine by the glass is an essential part of today’s hospitality industry. Not only does it cater to moderation, it also allows patrons to enjoy more than one style of wine during their visit, or indeed for a group with diverse tastes to be catered for. Additionally, with a… View Page »

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Wine Preservation Devices

Ever wished that you could open a glass of your good wine knowing that it wouldn’t go to waste if you didn’t finish the bottle? Here, Patricia Mauder for Sydney Morning Herald reviewed two devices, including our WineArt, that can help you achieve just that.  Her verdict is that “the WineArt is simple to use, operational costs are negligible, and it keeps two bottles of any still wine at serving temperature”.  Read on for her full article.

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Thinking of auctioning some wine? Here’s what you need to know…

By Craig MacPhee If you haven’t done it before, the idea of auctioning wine can seem a little daunting. However, it is actually a pretty simple and easy process… and can be a great option if you find yourself with too much of a particular wine or your taste in… View Page »

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NEW! EuroCave App: a virtual cellar book for smartphone and tablet!

This year, the world leader in conservation and service of wines is launching a new application for Apple and Android. More powerful and user-friendly than ever before, the application is designed for users of wine cabinets. Available from Apple and Google Play (Android) stores from mid-June! An intuitive, high-performance application… View Page »

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We all like to enjoy a glass… but is wine a good investment?

We all like to enjoy a glass… but is wine a good investment? Well isn’t that the million dollar question! Many of us believe that wine generally belongs to a select group of consumer items with the potential to appreciate in value over time but is this really the case?… View Page »

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Underground Cellars – Are They Cold Enough To Cellar Wine?

There is no doubt that we’d all love a truly subterranean cellar to hide away and enjoy our wines and watch them mature gracefully. Even better if it’s got a secret door hey? Many of us romanticise this idea based on our fond memories of grandparents with old cellars where… View Page »

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Building Your Ideal Butler’s Pantry

Including a butler’s pantry in your new house or renovation has become increasingly popular in recent times. With open plan living becoming the norm, the kitchen has assumed pride of place in many homes. No longer is it hidden away in a room of its own or set in a… View Page »

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Serving & Preserving Wine

EuroCave’s unique vacuum system is changing the way we can enjoy our wine. As wine by the glass becomes an increasingly popular way to enjoy wine whilst dining out, bottles are remaining open for longer. This raises the question for venues as to how best preserve the tasting qualities of… View Page »

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4 Things To Consider Before Adding A Wine Cellar

Tania MacPhee of EuroCave Australia and MacPhee’s Wine Storage has years of experience in helping people build the perfect wine cellar. Recently she was interviewed by realestate.com.au to share her expertise in an article about the “4 things to consider before adding a wine cellar”. Be sure to watch the… View Page »

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Wine Fridge or Wine Cabinet?

The term ‘wine fridges’ and ‘wine cabinets’ often confuse people.   Just the names are confusing; is it a fridge or do we call it a wine cabinet instead?   In essence it doesn’t really matter what term we use. What we talking about is protecting your valued wine collection… View Page »

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Scientific Study on Wine Preservation

« We are drinking less wine but wine of better quality. » This change in wine drinking habits led to the phenomenon of wine by the glass in restaurants and also at home. Bottles therefore remain open for longer, which raises the question of how to preserve the tasting qualities… View Page »

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Wine Cellar or Wine Cabinets, which is best?

  Wine Cellars and ‘Wine Walls’ are hot property trends. Many new homes and renovations are incorporating them into their design. So if you have a wine collection you want to protect, which is the best option? Do you build a wine cellar or do you simply install a row… View Page »

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How to Choose The Best Wine Cabinet (Fridge)

  Buying a wine fridge is a relatively large investment, and you need to get it right the first time. We have seen too many people buy poorly, ultimately becoming disappointed and frustrated with their cabinet, something that can easily be avoided by asking the right questions. To select the… View Page »

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What is the best temperature for serving wine?

It may sound simple, but most wine experts agree the single most important factor affecting our wine enjoyment is serving temperature. Unfortunately, people often make the mistake of drinking white wines straight from the fridge (at 5°C), which is too cold and red wines at room temperature (anywhere between 20-30°C)… View Page »

Wine cellars are the latest property trend

EuroCave Australia assisted Tim and Anastasia with the cooling system for their cellar on Channel 9’s ‘The Block’. This article, replicated below, was featured in ‘Domain’ on the use of Wine Cellars as the Latest Property Trend Original Article From: http://news.domain.com.au/domain/real-estate-news/wine-cellars-are-the-latest-property-trend-20150311-13xf5j.html During the past nine seasons, Channel 9’s The Block has embraced, accelerated… View Page »

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Top 8 Gifts For A Wine Connoisseur

We are often asked by partners of wine enthusiasts ‘What do I get them for Christmas / their birthday / our Anniversary?’ To help with this dilemma, we’ve put together a gift list any wine enthusiast would love. If you are the prospective recipient, all you have to do is… View Page »

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ShowCave, for restaurants and bars who are serious about wine.

ShowCave by EuroCave makes a strong statement in your restaurant, bar or hotel. Much more than just a wine cabinet, ShowCave creates a wine destination; attracting and encouraging guests to buy fine wines and enhancing their dining experience. ShowCave: Showcases the venue’s finest wines. Provides fast, safe access to wine.… View Page »

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Why You Should Not Put Air Conditioners In Wine Cellars

Two of the most important conditions required to mature wine correctly are a consistently low temperature and high humidity. Wine Needs a Consistently Low Temperature of 14 Degrees Celsius We all know wine needs to be kept cool, but how cool does it need to be? Wine industry professionals recommend… View Page »

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7 Tips for Choosing Wine Racks

When selecting or designing wine racks to store wine, quite a few things must be considered; 1. How many bottles do you want to store now and longer term? Most wine enthusiasts have a magic number of bottles they want to cellar. It can range from a couple of hundred… View Page »

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Learn why the “crying room” at the Penfolds Grange Recorking Clinic proves you have made a very wise choice in choosing EuroCave to protect your wine.

We came across an interesting story on the Age website. At the Penfolds Grange biennial recorking clinic currently touring the globe, wine 15+ years old is assessed, recorked and certified. A “crying room” is set up for those collectors who have not properly cared for and protected their wine, who… View Page »

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Does Australian Pinot Noir Cellar?

In the early days of making Pinot Noir in earnest in Australia (not that long ago really) many wines were either incredibly simple, or pushed to extremes in an attempt to emulate the great benchmarks of Burgundy. Wines were handled and worked to suggest layers of complexity and detail at… View Page »

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MacPhee’s tip #27 – Serving temperature for textured non-aromatic white wine:

White wine can suffer from being too cold as much as it can from being too warm. At colder temperatures flavour esters are suppressed and all but the most aromatic of wines will lose their detail. Wines of particular delicacy and nuance can become mute, and oak matured whites can… View Page »

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What temperature do I serve red wine?

Wine Tip # 47 – Service Temperature For Red Wine: Ambient temperatures in many homes, whether due to the summer heat or winter heating, can push the serving temperature of red wines well above ideal levels. Even temperatures in the very early 20’s that we might find comfortably mild can… View Page »

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How to Build an Outstanding Wine Program, Profitably

Pour premium wines by the glass.  No Risk.  No waste. Wine stock can be one of a restaurant’s largest expenses, so it is vital to maximise the return on this investment.  It’s easy to add expensive wines to your wine list, but selling them then becomes critical. Often expensive wines,… View Page »

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EuroCave Professional Range, for the hospitality industry. Wine Service, Display and Storage.

If you are designing a restaurant or bar requiring wine storage, or wine service, the EuroCave Professional Range would be ideal. World leading quality, specifically tailored to the hospitality industry. EuroCave Professional Range, when wine is a serious business: Wine Cabinets. Display, protect and serve wine at perfect temperatures. Combine… View Page »

EuroCave wine cabinets use 55% less power. A+ energy rating.

If energy efficiency and eco consideration are important to you, EuroCave wine cabinets are ideal. EuroCave wine cabinets consume up to 67% less energy than traditional wine cabinets and have been awarded an A+ Energy Rating. EuroCave subscribes to the principles of Sustainable Development across all our products: Energy efficient… View Page »

Built-in wine cabinets, with integrated door option from EuroCave

If you are working on a residential or commercial project that requires a wine cabinet to be built into a kitchen, entertainment space or boardroom, EuroCave Compact Range wine cabinets are ideal. EuroCave Compact Range wine cabinets come with: Streamline dimensions to fit standard cabinetry as well as front venting… View Page »

EuroCave, for Designers and Architects, whose clients love wine.

If you are working on a residential or commercial project that requires a wine storage or wine service solution, or incorporates a beautiful kitchen or entertainment space, EuroCave has a range of world-leading products available. Designed and manufactured in France, with technical expertise second to none. For many years, EuroCave… View Page »

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5 Wine Cellar Mistakes To Avoid

5 Wine Cellar Mistakes To Avoid We all know wine needs to be cellared correctly so it matures as the winemaker intended. The problem is many cellars are built without the proper insulation, equipment or technical knowledge needed to do the job properly. Lots of good wine has been ruined… View Page »

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Why Choose EuroCave

EuroCave. Superior Quality, Superior Protection, Superior Enjoyment. EuroCave is the world leader in wine cabinets, and has been for over 35 years.  It is also the most trusted brand by the world’s most discerning sommeliers and connoisseurs, for many good reasons: 1.  The world’s first wine cabinet was invented by… View Page »

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MacPhee’s Wine Alert, Revolutionary Riesling – Roads Less Travelled

  It will be fairly evident to readers of MacPhee’s various alerts and newsletters – and even more so if you have a chat with Craig – that MacPhee’s loves Riesling, from the explosively exotic botrytis laden Goldkapsel wines of the Mosel to the tautly racy lime-scented wines that have… View Page »

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EuroCave, World Leader In Wine Cabinets

Craig MacPhee explains why EuroCave wine cabinets are the best in the world.

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