EuroCave. World leader in Wine Fridges, Racking, Cellar Conditioners, Service and Preservation Equipment.

Your wine collection deserves to be cared for in ideal conditions so that it matures as the winemaker intended. EuroCave promises to do that!

Established in France in 1976, EuroCave is a pioneer in wine cabinet, racking, serving and preservation technology. Today EuroCave continues to develop superior products for industry professionals and connoisseurs all around the globe, offering state of the art wine fridges across Australia, from Melbourne through to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, and everywhere in between.

EuroCave Wine Cabinets

EuroCave Wine Fridges (or cabinets) cellar more bottles worldwide than any other brand. EuroCave’s extensive product range, unparalleled options and unique features will ensure you find the right cabinet that is a pleasure to use and suits your individual needs. Launched in 2014, EuroCave’s Pure and Revelation Range cabinets have an A+ Energy Rating and consume up to 55% less energy than traditional models.

EuroCave Service and Preserve

EuroCave’s Service and Preservation products such as the Vin au Verre (wine by the glass) and WineBar systems have been designed for restaurants, bars and hotels. EuroCave’s WineArt and Tete a Tete are perfect for the home.

EuroCave Wine Cellar Conditioner

EuroCave’s Wine Cellar Conditioners will turn almost any space into a cellar by recreating the necessary conditions to cellar your finest bottles. These include consistent temperature and humidity, vibration absorption and air circulation.

EuroCave Wine Racks

EuroCave’s Racking Systems give you plenty of choice when it comes to storing and protecting your collection for long term enjoyment.

Whether you are looking for wine fridges or serving equipment, we are your supplier of choice here in Australia. From Melbourne through to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, we aim to provide wine lovers everywhere with equipment worthy of their finest drop.

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EuroCave. Superior Quality, Superior Protection, Superior Enjoyment.

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